The first of the Anna K Stein middle grade fantasy adventure novels for kids.
This is book 1 of the Zeke Mayhill series. 
Magic and mayhem. Glorious victories. Dragons and witches. Here’s how the story goes:

Eleven-year-old Ezekiel Allan Mayhill does not believe in magic, but his twelfth birthday is approaching and suddenly a series of events occur that turn his world inside out. He has some weird dreams that turn out to be true. An elf appears demanding a crystal and the evil wizard Pampertil sends two monsters to fight for that crystal. 
Then Zeke’s twin sister Tam gets captured, taken into the third, magical dimension of Earth, and he has to go in and rescue her. But now he and Tam can’t go back home because Pampertil, to vent over losing the crystal, does something horrible and now Zeke wants to punish him. But how? But within three days, he bonds with a green dragon, who wants to be called Pearl, gets chosen by a four and a half-inch wand that is too powerful for him to control and gets told he needs to learn magic before he can defeat Pampertil. A mighty tall order for a boy who can’t even imagine himself doing such a thing.

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Hello. Anna K Stein here. I'll post each book in this series as I get them done. Please come back often to see how I'm doing.