My first book here is the first book in my Eleemos vampire saga. I invented a new vampire species. I took the name from the Latin word eleemosynarius, which means charitable. I have all Eleemos vampires being bisexual. It's their nature.

The book is about the leader of all the Eleemos vampires. Caius is his name. And he finds a very beautiful heterosexual human man named Brecken. He falls in love with him. The adventure that follows is. . . well. You'll have to find out for yourself. Enjoy.

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Ever wonder what it would be like to be transformed into the opposite sex than you were born? Christine Carley is about to find out. An evil Eleemos vampire has captured her. He loves the qualities of her character, but he doesn't want a woman for a mate. He wants a man, a very beautiful young man. He has tried for one for several thousand years, but failed to find any of his liking, so he decided to make one, out any he found. He worked on his method for three hundred years, then finally found a way. This century's technology helped him perfect it. Now he has Christine, or rather Christian, as he intends to call him. Now Caius has to rescue him.

Find out how and what else happens in the book. Go to Amazon to get it. And enjoy.

More Eleemos vampire books are coming. Maybe a lot more.     :)

Hot Stuff all right.

Thing is. I'm not sure if what I'm writing here is really Erotica, but I'm sure having fun writing it. What started it was I sent one of my other stories to a publisher, but they didn't want it because I had published it before on Kindle. So I went on a search for what they did want and found they were looking for male to male romance stories, which I hadn't before written. They also publish male to female romance stories, lots of them, but for now, they're looking for these kinds of stories that I have here. M/M is popular right now. But they're wanting intrigue and suspense and I believe you have to be very intelligent to write good intrigue and suspense, so I'm opting out of that. But that doesn't mean I can't write a good story. I can. Just not that kind. So I have written these stories. They're light romance, but heavy on the hot stuff, so beware.


The 4th book of the Eleemos vampire saga.

Another evil vampire again, trying to get to a beautiful human man. Only this time he succeeded. Cicero. 7000 year old Cicero has been looking for a mate for 5000 years, ever since he reached maturity. But he was foiled every time he found someone. Now he intended to take one, force him into his bed, and bond with him for life. But the Council found out and sent Appolos after him. Find out how Appolos deals with him. And what he does with Canden. Go to Amazon for the book. And enjoy the ride.


This is the second book in the Eleemos vampire saga. Alara was Caius' wife, but he lost her 400 years ago. Since the vampires believed the only way to lost the bonding is through death, and Caius lost his bonding with her, he thought she was dead. But he never found her body. But now word is out that she may still be alive but held in stasis. But who has her and where? Caius has to find her, but he first has to take care of Brecken before he can go any distance from him. So in comes Tiberius, Caius' very close friend, and Caius asks Brecken to bond with him, also. Brecken will be able to handle the separation pain a lot better with another person in the bonding. So. . .Brecken needs to make a decision. Will he or won't he? And will Caius find Alara? Find out in the book. Go to Amazon to get it.