Here is an excerpt from ‘Interview With the Ascended Masters’ book. It’s only a sample of what is in it, but this will give you an idea of what you can find in the book. Enjoy.

The Beginning

    It is my belief that eventually, in everyone’s life, miracles do happen. The glory of those heavenly gifts cause many people to write about them and this book is no less nor any more inspired. It’s just that certain events occurred that brought about a different kind of ending.
    Those events led me to the privilege of interviewing the Masters, a special group of beings who have earned their right to sit next to God. This interview was conducted with the help of a most excellent lady named Calleen who is a spiritual medium. It’s about that which I am writing.
    My first inclination that God was real was back in 1970 when I was working for Bell Telephone. I was an all night telephone operator. I’m Catholic, so when it came to Sunday morning I went to Mass before I went home to bed.
Thing is I would get so sleepy waiting for Mass to begin. I got off work at 6:00am but Mass wouldn’t start until 7:30am and the church was only a five minute drive away. It was difficult to stay awake.
    I took my seat way in the back of the church so that I could get out as soon as possible to go home to bed. The church usually was pretty well filled by the time Mass started and I wanted to avoid the crowd who would surely make my exit slow. But when I arrived, there would hardly be anyone inside yet and they were usually clear up at the front. So I sat way in the back all by myself.     
    One Sunday morning I decided I’d had enough of the tiresome effort to stay awake so I thought to myself, ‘I will ask God to help me.’ I decided that all I needed to say was a little prayer and thought of the Glory Be To The Father. It’s a very short prayer and I thought it would be appropriate, so I began.
    I settled down into the seat to make myself as comfortable as possible and said, barely above a whisper, “Glory be. . .” That’s all I got out. Before I could say another word I felt a hand smack me across my face. There was no pain, no insult or degradation. It was simply that someone had hauled back and let me have it right across my right cheek. It knocked my head sideways. And, of course, there was no one sitting near me. I looked.
    It was too early for many people to show up yet. I caught my breath, jerked awake and sat straight up. All tiredness left my body. I looked up at the altar and knew what had happened. There was no vision or voice telling me. I just knew and I sat there, chuckled to myself for a while, and was awake the entire Mass.
    That was my first concrete encounter with a miracle. The next significant event that happened was while I was working in the medical field. There was a client, among many, with whom I had developed a friendship.
    This young man had an illness that prevented him from having any restful sleep at night. I had watched over him during one weekend and on that Sunday night, after I got home, I was extremely tired. But I couldn’t help worrying about him because he had looked as if he was going to die soon if he couldn’t get any rest. However, all I could do was lie down on my couch, with my face to the back and all the lights turned out. I started thinking about a book I read that told about our spiritual white light.
    I had been practicing bringing up my spiritual white light for several months by then so it was easy for me to bring it up and wrap myself in it. I imagined it all around me then got the idea  to extend it and wrap the young man in it, too. My thought at the time was ‘what if I could wrap him in it and help him get a decent rest? What if it would work?’
    I didn’t expect anything to happen. I was just doing it for my own peace of mind because there hadn’t been anything I could do for him. But I lay there and relaxed and thought that I would imagine that I was extending my white light to him. As I said it was only for myself that I was doing this because I was feeling so helpless and useless to him.
    I settled down into the couch to go to sleep with my spiritual white light in my head wrapped around the both of us and started into that feeling everyone gets when they are about to fall asleep when, suddenly, a whoosh happened in my head and I found myself standing at the foot of a huge, bright white wall. I was facing the wall, a little away from it, and I looked and I saw the young man standing right in front of it looking at me. And he looked healed. He smiled at me and I smiled at him and then he tilted his head a little sideways, held out his arms to me, and said, in a low, cooing like voice, “Hey.” I was immediately in his arms receiving his hug and giving him a most fervent bear hug of my own. And I felt it. It was real.
    He held me for only a moment, then he said to me, “I appreciate the way you are feeling about me but I have to be on my way.”
    I knew what he was talking about. He was talking about his life path that he had chosen for this lifetime, so I said, “Yes, I know.” In a flash he was gone.
    Now I need to say that all of this was not spoken out loud as we normally speak to each other. I knew he had said this to me without him saying it. It was in my head that I heard it and it was through my own thoughts that I spoke to him. The moment I said, or thought, my response to him he disappeared.
    I looked toward the wall then, not knowing what to expect next, when out of the wall stepped a man. He was shorter than me, about half a head shorter, and he was wearing a brown business suit. It was a beautiful color chocolate brown with a cream colored shirt. He had black, shiny hair, slicked down and parted in the middle and a huge, black, handlebar mustache. He looked at me with round, dark eyes and a magnificent smile and the look in his eyes was of a most wonderful love. I was mesmerized.
    I smiled back at him and then he turned and stepped back into the wall. It was then that I saw his wings. They were transparent but I could see the feather outline of them and they had the twinkling of all the stars in the universe inside them. It was fascinating, but the most fascinating of it all was the fact that I knew, without being told, that his name was George and that he was my guardian angel.
    After George stepped back into the wall I started getting that floating or falling feeling that people often get when they are about to fall asleep. For whatever reason, I decided to go with it and see what would happen. I found myself floating.
    After a moment, I came upon what looked like a membrane. It’s hard to describe. I slowed myself down so that I could look at it for a while.
    The membrane was everywhere I looked and the color of it was a mixture of pink flesh, old rose and salmon. I know those colors don’t make the color that I saw but they are the only ones I can think of that come close to describing it. And it undulated like a body of water does, with the color going from a darker version of it to a lighter version. It looked liquid.
    I started forward again and as I approached it, the membrane began to break open like soap bubbles on water will do. There was a big hole in it in the middle with many different sized holes all around it that grew bigger the closer I got to it, as if it was dissolving. I headed for the opening in the middle.
    As I approached the opening it grew bigger and I felt that I wanted to go into it. When I got right next to it, all of a sudden a wall was brought up straight at me, blocking me. It looked as if it was made of white bricks with black mortar. It shocked me and I backed away.
    I caught my breath as the wall came up and the next thing I knew I was waking up back home on my couch. Later, Calleen told me that I had astro projected. I had never believed in anyone’s ability to do that but I had read about it briefly while browsing through some book stores a while back. That was my first experience with it and I have not been able to do it since, but then my emotions have not been as engaged as they were with that young man. He was so pitiful and it worried me that he was going to die. He has since then.

The Interview

Ann: Do the Native American Indians have the true story of the history of the human race?

Calleen: We’re getting some feedback here. No. They are saying . . . once again, they have their view. They have what is right in their culture to believe. No one has the true story of the human race but God. That’s what they said.

Ann: Is (name deleted upon request) telling the truth?

Calleen: That author’s truth.

Ann: That author’s truth?

Calleen: That’s what they said. . . I studied a lot of Native American teachings and I’ve got Native American in me and I believe a lot of their old philosophies, but they are very fearful about what’s coming and they are very . . . at one time, a point in time, they were probably correct. But we’ve changed a lot of things. There’s a lot of people here working for the good and trying to make a difference and trying . . . there’s still a lot that aren’t, but the ones that are make up for a million of them that aren’t. So I think that is the truth as that author knows it. And parts of that will come to play but in much smaller doses. Much smaller doses. They know they’ve already got our attention. No I think the UFO’s are coming in to help fix that so all that catastrophe does not happen. I mean why destroy this beautiful planet? They’re going to come try to help us fix it.

Ann: It’s amazing to me. Why Earth? I mean, this tiny little planet in all the universe is so interesting to them. That they would take the time.

Calleen: Because we are. . . in other lives we probably have been in other galaxies. When we come here all memories are shed. We are placed here in a very intense emotional schoolroom. The other ones don’t have the emotions like we have. They’re not blinded. They’re open. They get to see, well, as an example, when somebody passes over to another place, where they go. They get to watch them. We’re the ones that are always blind sided. And that’s because we learn so much more down here. We grow . . . we have the opportunity (they corrected me) to grow so much when we’re down here. Because of the intense emotionality that we experience here that we can’t get any place else. We have emotions in the other places but not like this. Not like where you can have a young child die on you that’s yours and not see where they go and that they’re OK. But that means we cultivate faith and all of that tremendously so we get to move up in ranks when we do pass. But it’s time that we’re making a mess of things down . . . we . . . it’s not that we’re continuing so much to make a mess, some people are some people aren’t, but we have made it in the past. We’re doing the same thing, I think. Gosh, I’m just going to rattle this out. I’m glad you got it on tape. I think we’re doing the same thing that we did back in. . . if there was an Atlantis, which I believe there was, but back in the Atlantis times where we grew so much in technology that we sacrificed our spirituality. That is our downfall.

Ann: Well I read in a spiritual book that there is an alien race that wants to give us a certain kind of energy, a crystal, but we’re not ready for it yet.

Calleen: That is probably absolutely true. We can’t even figure out how to deal with the alien presence. I mean, what makes us so egotistical? So set that we are the only ones? There are . . . there’s so much more that we don’t know. And I think that the biggest problem with most researchers and scientists is that they don’t want to admit that they can’t know it all. You know. So they keep trying to define and set boundaries. And the more boundaries they set the more they limit us. There really are no boundaries anywhere. The only boundaries are the ones we self impose and the ones we allow to be imposed on us by others. Because there are so many other races and forms of life forms that know so many things that would be so terribly beneficial to us. I mean they know how to eradicate diseases. They know how to do things. They would know how to fix our ozone layer. They’re the ones that will fix it. They’re the ones that help keep us here. So I would have to say that she is absolutely correct on that. Absolutely correct. We are so limited by not accepting that. We go trying to shoot them down out of the sky. So granted they don’t get real personal with most of us here. And there . . . but there are. . . let me also stress . . . I don’t know if you asked this last time, either, but let me also stress that there are also alien life forms that are not as advanced as us in other ways. So those you don’t want to be taking trips with if you can help it. Um. You know, such as what they call the grays. The gray little men. They’re always experimenting on us because they’re just trying to figure out where emotion comes from. How to feel it. What that’s about. Um. So they operate on us like we experiment on scientific frogs, you know, in our little laboratories. We’re the same to them.

Ann: But they have souls as well, right?

Calleen: Oh they have souls as well. But what they are trying to develop in their soul incarnation is emotional development. So when you . . . as much as we at times detest our emotions, when we are terribly sad or depressed or something awful has happened in our lives and we don’t feel like we can go on and we become very depressed and suicidal, we hate the emotional experience that we have there, but imagine having none. Imagine never experiencing the other side, the love, the compassion, the bond between parent and child. They don’t have that. They’re trying to develop it and it’s probably from past lifetimes where they were not emotional or they blocked their emotions or they strangled it or they refused this time, to be reincarnated with emotions. So that’s where that group of little souls went. And there they’re trying to say, ‘OK maybe we did like it. Let’s try and get it back’. But it’s not easy as in anything that you come to any galaxy, any universe, to learn. It’s not easy. It’s your hardest . . . it’s what the whole trip is about. So your whole time is spent trying to get that. It’s not an easy lesson.

Ann: Well they don’t just incarnate into their society do they? Can they come here after they pass on?

Calleen: Absolutely and vice versa.

Ann: Are the claimed Mars face and pyramids real? If so, who made them and when?

Calleen: Are the what?

Ann: Are the face and pyramids on Mars real?

Calleen: You said are they real and . . . who made them?

Ann: Yes.

Calleen: OK. I don’t even know what you’re talking about but I’m going to tell you the answer I heard. Yes. And what I saw was . . . ooh gosh. This gets into a weird phase but I’ll just answer your question and you can read about them. What I heard was ancient Lemurians. And that’s . . . I don’t even know much myself about Lemuria but I’ve heard of it in regards to Atlantis, but that’s what they said. At first they showed me like the ancient pharaohs, the Egyptians, but they said no. Lemurians.

Ann: If the ancient Lemurians migrated from Mars to Earth, where did they first land?

Calleen: I don’t know that they . . . what I hear, the first thing . . . I will start talking . . . the first thing I hear is they didn’t necessarily come from Mars. . . They came from all over just like all of us did before we came back this time. . . Mars was not a . . . and I’ve got to say, too, most of the planets that we go to or the galaxies that we go to when we’re not here aren’t even in our solar system. . . Most of the ones in our solar system don’t support life. . . And we sort of set it up that way. That’s kind of what we wanted. We wanted to be here sort of alone. So that we could see how we would manage emotionally that far from home, kind of thing. We put added pressure on us. And when you’re here in the Earth classroom, that’s what it’s about is the added pressure because it’s a very intense learning situation. That’s why we come here. . . Because it’s much more intense than any other place else we can go.

Ann: So there is no other life form anywhere else in our solar system?

Calleen: You know I want to say that, but then I see one or two little things cropping up there. I want to say . . . I want to say. OK. They just said it. No, there’s not. There’s not. Not in our solar system.  But there are many in others. And other solar systems have many. And they all know of each other. They know all about each other.

Ann: We don’t.

Calleen: We don’t.

Ann: Simply because we wanted to be isolated?

Calleen: Uh hmm. It is part of the learning experience. It enhances it.

Ann: And are these other planets’ civilizations, who know of each other, aware of our spiritual learning? The reason why we’re here by ourselves?

Calleen: They are. . . And some of them have been here and some are coming back. And some don’t care (chuckle) but yes. They’re all aware. It’s like us and I believe the grays. I don’t think they know about all of them. They know about some but I don’t think they know about . . . they know about more of them than we know about. . . We are the two places where we come that have the least knowledge, the least spiritual knowledge, come here.

Ann: All right. You mentioned that the Lemurians built the face and pyramids that are on Mars. But then you also said that they didn’t come from Mars but they had to go there. Did they go there first and then come here to Earth?

Calleen: I believe there was . . . they had the ability to travel between fluently. They had the ability to travel into other galaxies fluently. And I want to say that not in a vehicle as we know it. But what I see is I see several . . . crystals and things of that nature that seem to create . . . almost lasers but they’re so much more huge and even that . . . it’s almost like . . . this is going to sound so crazy but it’s almost like human transportation. It’s like they could transport from here to there. You know, like on Star Trek. How they . . . how somebody just come in this little vessel and then they’re gone and they . . . what would you call that?

Ann: Their transporter beam.

Calleen: Yeah. A transporter beam. Yeah. OK. Like that. And that’s what they’re showing me. They had the ability to . . . dematerialize and rematerialize using this . . . this energy. This beam. And so they went many places that we can’t comprehend. So I . . . and that may be . . . it’s funny but I . . . that so often so many people who recreate things like Star Trek, as an example, they’re saying, were here in that time. They know that’s not impossible. That’s where the idea comes from. But they believe they just created it or came up with it or . . . but no. It’s a memory. It’s a vague memory, but that’s where it comes from.

Ann: Is God His own renewable source of energy?

Calleen: I . . . resoundingly I hear yes.

Ann: Absolutely. Well that is what I figured anyway.

Calleen: Yes.

Ann: OK. What will happen if He gives His energy to us and we don’t give any back?

Calleen: Well because God is infinite there’s no limit on His amount of energy is why. It seems like what they’re showing me is it just keeps growing and growing and at His will. It’s almost like I feel He is infused . . . and I’m not going to have this exactly right. This is something they’re sort of holding back on. I can feel it. But let me give you an example. Because of obviously the way His energy is structured and His clear intentions and all of that kind of thing, everything works to give energy back to God. Nature. The air we breathe. The ocean.  People. I mean everything gives energy back to God. There’s no way for Him not to have that. And not only of this galaxy but many others. So it’s infinite. It could never . . . what they’re showing me . . . it could never happen. That it wouldn’t . . . that He would not exist. That He would be energy short. He has all the energy at His disposal for a billion more people if He wanted to so create. And more. Plus more. There is no end. OK. This is what I hear. There is no beginning and there is no end where He is concerned. There is none.

Ann: All right, but does the same go for the evil source?

Calleen: Well this is where we’re really going to tread on some water because this is something I’ve dug into myself and asked numerous times. Number one, no. That’s not true. The evil source exists because God allows it to exist. It gives us a comparison. This is something I’ve never told myself before.  It gives us a comparison. It’s like black and white. Day and night. It’s an opposite and we need it here to learn from. If there weren’t such a source available to us then free will would be pointless. The learning environment here would be pointless. Now understand the evil source does not effect or does not have the ability to effect in any way a lot of the other galaxy systems. Some it does because that’s what they’re about. But the majority of them . . . we are one of the few that have that available to us. And it’s as a learning tool. It exists because God allows it.

Ann: OK. If a higher level frequency person was doing something that may convert a lower level frequency person wouldn’t the devil try to interfere?

Calleen: With the lower level, yes. Not the higher. They’ll go into the lower level and try to make . . . their advancement very painful, very frightening. Yes. They will come into the lower level not the higher. They know they’re not going to stop the higher. If they truly are higher. See that’s where a lot of misperceptions come about. Because a higher level frequency person . . . good examples are . . . oh, let’s see . . . Mother Theresa, how she was. Ghandi . . . Yogananda, he was from India, Sai Baba.  These are just a few I’m throwing in there. These are all truly of the highest level. Now there is a vast range between the low and the high. And there is quite a group of people, I want to say, immediately below that group, but they have not reached that attainment yet. But to use those as an example is what they’re trying to do here and they’re
saying those people have no fear of death. They have no fear of the devil. They have no fear of evil. They’re not going to be stopped because everything that they ever truly need, their food, their clothing, their shelter is always provided. So there’s nothing he has as tools to use against them. They have no fear left in them. So anything . . . and that’s all the devil is based on is fear. And that’s how he controls and that’s how he gets people to do his bidding, so to speak, is out of scaring them out of something. He can’t . . . they don’t have that fear.

Ann: I see. I do every now and then so I’ve not . . .

Calleen: Got to that level which, you know, very few people get to that level. But there’s a large group of people right below that level. Have you ever read . . . as they’re saying this they’re showing me a book I read eons ago. It was called . . . Power verses Force. And it was about . . . let me try and get it in my head a little bit. Well I’ll just let them analyze what they have to tell you. It was about how you can actually . . . use like a muscle testing to test different people’s levels and see where they fall into the levels. And each level is described as to what that person’s working on. And all levels, at the same time . . . well some may be very frustrating . . . to us as humans. When you get into the people who are in the 1 or 2 level, let’s say, those are a lot of . . . radical, racist, hateful people who . . . you know. We just . . . anyone in a level higher than that just cannot comprehend why the Ku Klux Klan, that type of thing, why do you want to hate? Why do you want to bring this into your world? Why can’t you find a way to just get along, type of thing? And it explains in that book, as I recall now, I’m not going to say for sure it’s in that book but I think. . . (chuckle) They’re telling me so I assume that it is.  And in that book it talks about how . . . that . . . I can’t remember how many now but there were just a very few . . . I think they based it from a scale of 1 to 1000. And from 700 and above, in our world, there were only, I want to say like 12 at that height which I’m sure Mother Theresa was one. I don’t know who the others . . . I don’t believe they listed them. Jesus was 1000. So that tells you what we’re basing this against. Very few get above 700 because that’s where you truly . . . have very little personal desire anymore even. Your goal is to come here and serve and be of service and that’s it. And . . . so but the group immediately below 700, say from 500 to 700 or 600 to 700, is very . . . there’s a lot more of that group. A lot more people there and I don’t remember the figures, but for every person who falls in certain groups, like 500 level and 600 level, they make up for so many tens of thousands of people that fall below it. Their energy just automatically holds them up. It just can’t help it. It just holds up a lot of these . . . that’s why our earth hasn’t . . . self destructed. Because you have these tremendously high level people out there trying so very hard and they still have humanness in them. But you get into that 600 to 700 level, the devil doesn’t mess with them. Very rarely. Now he may have on their way up but it’s fruitless. Because generally, number one, when you get to that level, he has messed with you at some point in time. And you know how to deal with him. You know what his limits are. You know what he can and cannot do to you. And the very worst thing he can do to you is kill you. There’s not a fear of dying. So kill me. You’re not going to stop me. So when you get to that level it’s fruitless for him. He’s not going to waste his time and energy, but on those lower levels of course. He’s involved . . . I hate to . . . I’m not trying to condemn, nor are they, the lower level people. They’re here and they’re in that spot for a reason and they’re trying to learn from it so they have to be there until they learn from it. And that may take several, several lifetimes. But he is actively involved in their lives. So of course he is much more interested in recruiting them. If you take a, say someone who is 650 and they’re trying to help a 150 person and say ‘remember your hate, remember this’ or he’ll do something . . . I . . . you know. I know of people who . . . I don’t . . . back then it was before I read the book. I’ve no idea what level she was at but she was a very devoutly religious woman.  And she was one of those who probably attended church every single day. And she lived in a home which I remember as a young child identifying that home as a source of evil. I mean that home was frightening to me. I did not want to go in that house. Would not go near that house. And this woman was a friend of a friend of mine, didn’t know me, my friend told me that the devil literally appeared to her in that house a couple of times. To the point that she would sit outside all day and wait on her kids to get home off the school bus to go back in the house. And she just moved very shortly thereafter. But he was trying to sway her. She was very religious and a very good woman, from what I understand. But she was apparently at that perhaps, what they’re showing me, a graduation point and he didn’t want her to graduate to the next level. So he came in and tried to tell her and said, ‘Down. Down’ , you know. And that’s what he does. He’ll attack the lower and not the higher. Because the higher has no fear. It’s a waste of his energy. And it’s frustrating to him. And he does not like to be insulted. I hear that as I’m speaking. And when someone doesn’t give him his due, he is insulted. So he just doesn’t bother. It’s like someone throwing a pie in his face so he just doesn’t bother.

Ann: May I be permitted to ask who we have been talking to on this visit?

Calleen: (laughter) You say that and I laugh because I’m almost nervous to say this because people are going to go ‘oh, yeah. Right’. But I’ll tell you who we’re talking to. We’re talking to Jesus Christ. He’s coming through right at this moment talking about what He came in . . . you know. What was it He said? “All that I can be, you can be and more”. We just forget.

Ann: Was there anyone else we have been talking with?

Calleen: As you say that, I’ll tell you what I see. I see a round table. And there are many men sitting there. It’s like a . . . I want to say consortium and I don’t even know what that word means. So we’ll just throw that out there.  But I feel like they may have been, all of them, like talking about the answers and then putting through what they were ready to release, or ready to let us know. But it was a group.  If I had to label them . . . let me see if they will give me a nod on this. (Long pause) I would say it was probably what is known as the White Brotherhood. Because they’re all sitting there with white robes, which is a very wise group of leaders that sort of oversee. They’re next to God so. . .

Ann: May I ask if there are any women in similar positions as leaders?

Calleen: Oh, there are. Not in this particular group. It is all men that I’m looking at.  There are many women who sit next to God, as they say. Who . . . many of the . . . the angels and archangels are feminine. Not all, but many.  And an archangel is, well this is their word, almost a shadow of God. It’s almost His shadow. So there are many. Just in different roles, different fields.

Ann: Is there a special message from God for us?

Calleen: Love each other. That’s it. If we could just get that. If we could just love each other and not intrude on each other’s space and not try to purposely do harm. Everybody’s going to do harm accidentally, but not try to purposely do harm. If we could just get that, the whole world could change in an instant. I mean the whole world. I think things that we have torn up or destroyed would be fixed. I think everything would transform if we could just truly, honestly get it. But we can’t. It’s why it’s the Earth plane. We all have our separate opinions.

(Comment from the Masters spoken through Calleen from last tape)

One of the things I felt like they really wanted to make sure was covered is the point . . . and I tried to think about this. Is there anything else you guys want covered? And what I got was . . . and it’s going to be really hard for me to put it into words because what I got was a feeling, an overall emotion, when I asked that question but I think the point is and what they want people to get is the overall summary, that no one has all the answers. There’s no one on Earth that is going to have all the answers. And no one should be telling someone else how to lead their life or how to lead their path. They have to find their own way and they have to find their own path and there’s many, many, many paths to God. So there’s no one right religion or one right philosophy or one right being. There are many, many ways to get to the same goal. And whatever way you choose is your way and you’re entitled to it. However, if you do cause harm to others, to yourself, to the Earth, anywhere that you cause harm . . . to animals . . . when you do cause harm, intentional, cruel harm, there is going to be a reaction to what you have set in motion. It will come back to haunt you. And it’s not that God is up there judging you. And it’s not that He’s handing down the emotion. It’s your soul. And it’s . . . what’s the old . . . an equal reaction to every action . . . that is so. And if people would just get that they would quit doing so much harm to one another. However, God will sit back and allow the harm to continue. And when people cry out and say ‘why did God allow that to happen?’ God didn’t. Man did. God provided the stage, the life, the setting, the opportunity. That’s what God provided was the opportunity. Where you go with that opportunity is up to you. But don’t ever think, at the same time, when you’ve been harmed that you have to go seek vengeance because then that becomes a vicious cycle. Know that that person will receive his due payback, his due rewards, for whatever he created. And understand that we’re all here to learn a lesson and . . . but ultimately the bottom line in one sentence of the whole thing is, we are all here to learn and to help each other heal. That’s it. And whatever it is that we can do, and healers don’t have to be doctors or therapists. They can be anyone anywhere at any time. Healing can take place just in the words someone says to someone. Healing can take place just in a smile at the right time in someone’s day. Healing is abundant. It’s not something that you have to be trained in or it’s not specialized. We are all healers. And if we would ignite that part of ourselves, then we would see everything in the world, including the world, in . . . everything in the world would become well and healed. Chances of that happening are very slim. That’s why we have this classroom called Earth. But that is why we’re here. That is our ultimate goal, every single person. There’s not a goal bigger than that and there’s not a goal different than that. It is to find the healer in yourself and apply it.

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