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This site lists all the green living laws in all the USA states and properties I have found so far. I will list more as I find them


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No Purpose, No Peace

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My causes:

I have 3 causes I donate to. One is the Wounded Warriors Program. Another is Shriner's Children's Hospital. These 2 are well known so I won't go into them here. But there is one special cause I'd like to talk about.

There is no organization for people who make a little too much money to qualify for government help, but not enough to pay their bills and feed their families at the same time. Or even to feed themselves if they have no family. I don't know if our government has anything in mind for this, but every city in our nation has this problem.

There is a dilemma in our nation, the USA, that I'm sure everyone has experienced. It is: the cost of living has risen over the last 50 or so years faster than people's wages. Way too many of our people are fighting a losing battle. They can't keep pace with their bills.

Now I'm not talking about luxury bills. I'm talking about regular, necessary bills like utilities, auto payments, insurance and medical, and grocery bills. House payments. Some people's wages are too inadequate to the point where they even lose their homes. I know this from my own experience. I lost my home, too.

My own experience is what put this idea in my head. I tithe, but instead of putting my money into programs that have so much red tape for people to go through, I go directly to the utility companies here in town and ask them to choose a family's bill that's overdue and I pay it. Or if the bill is more than I have to give, I put my donation toward it.

I don't make enough money to pay every needy person's bills, or even all of one person's bills, so I pick one family and only one of their bills. It's not much but it's something.

This is one reason why I put up all my websites here. One reason is, of course, to sell my books and designs, but my second reason is to let everyone know about this dilemma here in our country. Most people know about this problem but some don't. I'm just mentioning it here to let all of you know that a portion of my earnings are going toward this. I will continue to contribute as I have been doing and I thank all of you for helping me do this.

Healthy Broad

This site is still in progress. It will be all about health issues.

Gold Frame Romance.

This site is for all the romance novels I write. I love love.

I've begun writing steamy romances now. Check them out on this site. I'm considering robots and romance. Wow!

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Jesus died on the cross for all of us.    I thank you, Jesus, but I would never have asked that of you.

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This flag is for our troops. My prayers are with you, guys and gals.

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This site is my store over at Cafe Press. I have all my designs there.

Magical Writing.

This site is for all the children's books I am writing. I love this work, also.

Bully Bitch.

This site is where I bitch about all things bitchable. I love doing this one. All in the spirit of love for everyone.


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Living Thunder.

This site is still in progress. It will be all about spiritual issues. 

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 Interview With the Ascended Masters. This is the only nonfiction book I have written. Under my maiden name Bir. The book is a composite of my interview with the spiritual medium Calleen Wilder. Through her, I asked about many things spiritual as well as several mysteries found in the world. Mysteries like ‘who really built the pyramids?’ and ‘Who was Mary Magdalen really?’  For a free look inside, go to my ‘free look’ page for the excerpt. 

I have written a little series of male to male romances that I am listing here on this website and not on my Gold Frame Romance website because they're too erotic for my other site. I have books there that young people will want to read and so I thought I would just keep these books separate. I have these books listed here on my Hot Stuff page. Go take a look and see what you think.

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