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The Dragon King. Myoc. Does not want to join his people in seeing if mating with the human women who live above ground will help solve their procreation problem. But fate has a different plan for him.

Brecken wakens in the night to the feeling that someone is watching him. But he sees no one in his room. He is starting to get frustrated. But he goes into work in the morning, but later he has a car accident and is saved from death by a man who heals him. Heals him too quickly for the injuries he sustained. And heals him too quickly of the cancer the man discovered growing inside him. But that healing the man did also bound him to the man. Forever. To Caius. The king of all the Eleemos vampires. Brecken panicked when Caius told him all that. What was he to do now? The binding does not allow those bound to leave each other. Brecken didn’t want this. Had not given his permission, but he hadn’t been in any condition to give a refusal, either. He was dying. Caius giving him his blood was the only way to save him. And Caius was in love with him. Could not have stood letting him die. Now Brecken has to decide what his next step will need to be.

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No Purpose, No Peace

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 Interview With the Ascended Masters. This is the only nonfiction book I have written. Under my maiden name Bir. The book is a composite of my interview with the spiritual medium Calleen Wilder. Through her, I asked about many things spiritual as well as several mysteries found in the world. Mysteries like ‘who really built the pyramids?’ and ‘Who was Mary Magdalen really?’  For a free look inside, go to my ‘free look’ page for the excerpt. 

This will be the first one you will see on my store, but it doesn't show up the last sentence. This is because the place on Etsy where I have to display it is not big enough for it. But the message is all there. It will show up very nicely in the files you'll be getting when you purchase this message, so don't worry about that. This is how all of them will look when you download them.

These are all pdf and jpeg files. You get both with each purchase. For only $3!  You download them onto your computer, or whatever other device you want to use, and then print them out, or take them to a printer if you want them any bigger. You'll need to frame them on whatever medium you want. Then hang them on your walls, or set them on your furniture. They'll look nice anywhere. And they'll give you that cozy feeling every time you read them.

I have written a little series of male to male romances that I am listing here on this website and not on my Gold Frame Romance website because they're too erotic for my other site. I have books there that young people will want to read and so I thought I would just keep these books separate. I have these books listed here on my Hot Stuff page. Go take a look and see what you think.

I very much rather occupy  the lowest place in heaven than the highest place in hell.

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Zeke does not want the evil Pampertil to get any of the angel crystals, so he decides to go along with his friend and fellow wizard Jordon and the sorcerer Chetan to go save the Orca Pampertil has captured. But they have to go to Alaska to save them, and to get the crystal Pampertil sent them to get. But Zeke can't get his too powerful little wand to work properly when he is in stressful situations, so Chetan and Jordon decide to get some more of that special potion Witch Hazel had prepared to settle his stomach on a previous occasion. The problem was, the potion is very strong, and so makes Zeke a little tipsy, so they decide to give him only a very tiny amount. But it turned out that tiny bit also made him tipsy, and so now they have to watch over him. But being tipsy is what helps Zeke use his wand and so the boys do get to save the Orca and get the crystal. But Zeke accidentally hits his dragon Pearl with his magic and now. . . Did he kill his beloved friend? 

Go get this book and find out. And you might want to get the first two to learn how Zeke and his twin sister landed in the third, magical dimension of Earth in the first place. Follow along with their adventures and fall in love with these delightful young people as they struggle to learn magic and what it is all about.


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This one is the first one I wrote. In my Zeke Mayhill books, I write about the kids' saying their prayer blessings for their meals and how Mrs. Crandon, of the Crandon orphanage where Zeke and Tam grew up, taught the kids about God and His teachings. While I was writing the first book, and had included the idea of the magical people searching for the Christmas Eyes angels and their crystals, I started getting the notion to write the angels' messages, sent from God to the people, and see if anyone wanted to get them for themselves to put up on their walls or set them on their furniture around their houses. They're sweet messages. Not really trying to brag here, but I wrote these in the manner of how I wanted to hear them said to me. I wrote quite a few of them, started actually bawling as I wrote them, and now have all 55 of them over in my Etsy store. They're only $3 a piece. Go check them out, if you want to, and see if there is one that will grab your heart.

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